Musing 17

Fall Foliage

Strewn across all around,

Like the leaves of autumn,

Blooming like flowers all around,

Spring is the time to blossom…


‘Someone’ & ‘Innocence’

blur, calm, close-up

With innocent doe like eyes,

Innocence looked into ‘Someone’s’ eyes

Big tear drops rolled down her cheeks

As Innocence sat near the well and cried

close-up, eye, eyelashes

In this moment she felt lost,

All alone, in this big bad world,

Deceived, hurt and burning down in agony,

More tears arose…

child, girl, kid

‘Someone’ walked up to her and said,

Don’t cry my dear, don’t be upset

‘Someone’ extended a hand, with a promise to be there,

Innocence looked up and in those little eyes, saw the care…

couple, friendship, hands

Innocence trusted ‘Someone’ and gave her hand

‘Someone’ caught her hand and held it tight

A promise to safeguard strongly affirmed

‘Someone’ tugged her along together

Girl Staring at the Sky

Walking together for a long time soon they met a crossroad

‘Someone’ crossed over and just stood on the other side,

Innocence in the guise of a woman, waited for ‘Someone’ to come and take her together,

Innocence still waits for ‘Someone’, at the cross road, with her hands stretched out…

backlit, beach, clouds

Time passes and ‘Someone’ moved on, changed and became insensitive

Innocence tired of waiting these years, broke down,

She had realised ‘Someone’ was gone for ever, her only security was gone forever,

Now she was alone, strong and resilient, she wiped her tears and walked forth

adult, beautiful, brunette

That day innocence had turned into EMPOWERMENT!

Innocence had finally found her way, her tears were all dry and she confidently strode across…

Crying tears of joy, as the spirit of freedom danced within innocence

She quit mourning over a story in the past, that was never meant to be, the broken dream had now been forgotten as Innocence looked back into the sands of time from the other side of the cross road..


Free stock photo of landscape, mountains, nature, clouds




Feeling sad is not a bad feeling…

It is an opportunity for you to grow… to surrender and to learn humility…

It is time now to live, laugh and love…

It is time now to be happy, there is nothing in the world which can make you sad…

Nothing is worth it…

So observe and move on…

Make the change but don’t get caught in the problem…

Believe in the ways of the divine… so be it…

Close Up Photo of Blue Petaled Flower during Daytime

Quote 734

Rock Balance Art Beside Body of Water

Bring a balance into your life,

Do what you want and never let people bulldoze you into something,

Think, reflect and feel for yourself,

When you know its right, you know you want to do it, do it, otherwise forget about the world, coz nobody is worth it…

Quote 726

Black Binocular on Round Device

When things near you seem to be too much,

Take a seat back, relish a cup of aromatic coffee,

And watch, wonder and you will know,

If things are happening, they will happen anyway,

there is no point in you interfering either ways…