From a bunch of Ellipses to a Full stop. #2

The thing about trauma…

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After a long time of trying to fool yourself into believing that you are a happy go lucky individual without any trauma or suppression in your individual life. Let us take a moment, reflect, introspect and come to terms with what’s happening within us. Life is different from what it seems to be. To be spiritual doesn’t mean to shun the world within your mind, which has suffered at one level. No blame game here. Nobody can be responsible for what your state of mind is or was at one point of time. It’s all your responsibility. The thing about responsibilities is, so long as you take them you should be just fine. It means you have the strength to go through the situation and you chose to take it up. If you have been given them, means you have the capability. But the knack of doing well in such situations, comes from believing in yourself. If you are that person who keeps telling yourself and others that you cannot do something, means that you have to be given another chance. You have to give yourself another chance, nobody else can give you another chance anyways.

Responsibilities are something which reminds you of how strong you are, it makes you the best of yourself. You couldn’t have done better if you chose to take the responsibilities. Yet, often what happens if something else. It makes us weaker. As we run away from responsibilities. Our families constantly tell us, remind us that we are made to be taking responsibility. It’s not that easy. It’s about believing in yourself. The day you believe in yourself, your ability, your capabilities, your strength, your faith in the divine. You should be just fine.

Life was meant to be used in order to be of use to others (Seva), life was given so that you could repay your karmic debts, life happened so that your karmic accounts could be settled. Life is an opportunity for you to learn. So failure, is not the end. It is that stepping stone which is essential. You will learn from it. So just because you couldn’t do something, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Your life is not as complicated as you end up making it to be.

You have been in a cocoon always, you could never have been a butterfly, and you would have never learnt how to fly if that cocoon of protection around you wouldn’t have broken off. You would always have been the typical individual. Today was a lesson, tomorrow is an opportunity to start afresh. So take the learning and make the required changes. Fly because you’re not meant to cry… its okay if you lost your warmth and protection, make it your choice not a compulsion.

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If you have been broken, if you have gone through a lot, if life has handed you too much. It’s alright. You have been used to support, it is time to throw away those crutches now. Life is not meant to be wasted like this. I understand that problems keep coming, situations will keep coming. Nothing changes.

Some people understand you some don’t. Period. Everyone will come into your life, play their role and leave. It’s not about faking it in front of these people. It’s about being truthful to yourself. You are a strong individual. You have been through a lot. So think about those people in your life who have always been with you. They have been your strength. They will always be with you.

Responsibility isn’t a physical phenomenon. Doing something for someone isn’t physical. It’s a mental and emotion state. It needs strength. You need to believe in yourself to be able to do it. It’s about being so strong that you can take what life hands you with open arms. If it’s breaking you inside, if it’s wreaking havoc with your inner state of mind, and somewhere you’re fighting it inside, one day it will all come out. It won’t be good that day. You will cry a lot. You will fight a lot. You will break a lot. You will be lost. You will feel alone. You will feel like a failure. Like it’s the end.

But that’s not life. Life is more. You have to learn to come out of this. Some people are fast and some slow. Some people take responsibilities very fast, some never do… its okay to be the latter. But it shouldn’t end like that. Work on yourself. Make yourself stronger. You need to be there for yourself. Start building your inner core. Work on maintaining a balance. You have broken time and again… but we can’t stay broken, we eventually learn to build ourselves…

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Now it’s time to build yourself from scratch, so build yourself the way you want to be. Be grateful that you got another chance and start now…

Take care of yourself, you deserve more, much more is within your hands than you feel, be strong and learn to be happy. Send forgiveness to the situation, give yourself time… time heals everything…

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From a bunch of Ellipses to a Full stop #1


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The suppression is real. There is true social suppression happening in the world. It happens everywhere. If you live in a society you are already a part of it. You may even be doing it to someone. Even if you are unaware, suppression is wrong. It means to dominate someone, kill someone’s passion, undermine someone’s opinion, devalue human life, and crucify humanity.

Suppression needn’t be violence, it is very smooth. It has just become a part of who we are. Life is not a race you need to win by making other people lose. Life is simple. Just live your life, don’t interfere in another person’s life. Advice is different, it can be given when you feel the other need helps. But compelling them to follow your ideologies is suppression. You are stopping them from blossoming, learning their lessons and finishing their karmic accounts. You don’t have a right. Just because you feel you are stronger, or the other person is giving in to your demands for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they are weak.

The one who feels the need to prove their power, is the weaker one always. So why one person should let another person’s weakness become their source of suppression? It is time to think. We need to put a full stop to this kind of suppression. Somewhere in a house a mother is being suppressed by every member of the family. Somewhere the child is being suppressed.  Somewhere the father and so on. Inevitably, we are all being suppressed. No one is true, no one is natural anymore. We are all a result of who someone else wanted us to be. Somewhere we have lost our individuality, we have lost our identity. We have to remember that we are not an outcome of the social norms. It is one thing to follow a few rules in order to maintain discipline and it is another to live like a hypocrite, so that you fit in.

Judgement, hypocrisy, hatred, lust and bondage are all a result of suppression. We are all suppressing one part of our true nature. We all want to be known only for our goodness. Does that mean only goodness exist within us. If our other qualities are always going to be hidden, when are we going to come to terms with curbing them?

This was about internally suppressing the qualities within us. There are some people in the world, who have suppressed their passions, their love for life to keep someone else happy…

Why do people give up on something which means everything to them? Why does someone give up their lease for life so easily? Like they give up a food item? Who says that is not suppression? Who says that is right? It is wrong. Sometimes people give up their happiness for others, to keep them happy. That is a suppression. It happens on a very subtle forum, but it still hurts… it is like taking away their life force… its the worst thing anyone can do to someone:(

Suppression is a sin. First we need to come out of the ties of suppression yourself, only then will we be able to help each other. In a world where even the way you look, the way you dress, what you do and what you don’t do, beings about suppression and judgement. I think we really need to get busier in our own lives. Its time to stop being a hypocrite. We are busy living someone else’s life for them. Let them enjoy their life, their life is none of our business. Only when we start living our life we will express our true nature and let other express their true nature. It’s time to be natural, it’s time to be free, it’s time to give space and most importantly it’s time to put a full stop to this suppression.

It’s been going on since a long time, it is time to end it now. So you reflect now, where the web of suppression has made its house in your life, and break it. It has to start somewhere…

Don’t Suppress and don’t take Suppression!

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Body Shaming – an untold truth…


Body Shaming

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Why is there a set way in which a woman is supposed to look? Why is thin the new in? Why is it that curvy women are pushed behind in the race for beauty? Why is it that some women however thin they are still want to be thinner? Since when did having a flat stomach become more important than having good health? Since when did having the most chiseled jaw line and well defined cheek bone, come with a dash of fatigue and tiredness, from starving yourself to lose that one pound.

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Who said all this hogwash is worth it, and for whom? These questions have taken away sleep, good health and peace of mind of many a woman in this world. It’s not fair that a woman must go through all this trauma, and emotional upheaval…So tonight before another woman cries herself to sleep, all insecure and feeling unaccepted, for the family whom she has given her life for, we need to stop here. Think once more, what the hell is going on?

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I am not against the idea of having good health. I agree we need to respect the body we have and take utmost care of it. It is a temple, in which the divine resides, we would ensure we keep the place of worship clean and clear. When you push yourself away from that one indulgence, check your conscience, why are you doing it? Is it to maintain your health, is it to lose that one pound, which you feel is extra, but the body needs it?


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Listen to your body sometimes, not only to your mind, not only to the society which has a set pattern in which it wants things to function. The society has a pre-set notion of how a woman is supposed to look, anything you do apart from that, eyebrows will be raised.

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Let me ask you something, you know how it feels, when someone goes to the gym and loses weight and then they come home to get complimented on how beautiful their weight loss has made them, it’s not nice you know. It just shows the person how much acceptance was missing until this moment. And you just sit and wonder, oh! So this is what you wanted. Why? Because the society has set this schema, that thin is beautiful? Who said so? And even if people say so, why do you agree? Think, reflect, have an opinion of your own…

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Going to the gym, doing yoga, maintaining a good lifestyle, nobody said no to any of this. It is good to ditch the junk food, there is nothing wrong in being healthy, living healthy, but most importantly we need to start thinking healthy as well.

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Health is more to do with the mind than the body. Whilst you focus on this, rest assured that it is going to take a long time before anyone changes, nobody will change, and body shaming has always been an issue, it’s not going anywhere.

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Whatever you do people will never be satisfied, so stop doing things to satisfy others. If you feel you want to present yourself in a certain way, sit and reflect, think of the intention behind the desire. If you intellectually think it is right, and the voice from your heart says yes, do it. But never do anything to just go according to the norm society has set. Society is just a group of people saying a few things, soon the group of people will also change and the society will also change… SO take care of yourself…

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Beauty is not only skin deep, it can be deeper, if only you cared to look beyond the face… Look into the eyes, you will meet the individual, listen into the voice and you will feel the person, touch the person’s heart and you will merge with the individual… Believe in humanity, believe in love and believe in acceptance….

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Musing # 3

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Dissolving into the shadows of time…

What never was born will never die,

what seems so lost was never yours to find,

What you believe is wrong is just what someone feel’s is right…

What is on your mind is discrepancy of thought, wavering emotions and a million shadows,

These shadows loom in the darkness ferreting around like lost birds in a clear dark sky,

They collide into one another, scream for attention and then dissolve altogether into the darkness of time,

If only I knew this analogy would correlate to the thoughts on our mind and the concept of time…

Thought this I staring into the space of darkness..

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The 800th!

Dried Grass on Fire

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There are no two,

To see two is delusion,

Spirituality and materialistic seem to be two different path,

But what is in materialism that is not in spirituality,

Spirituality is un-enclosed,

It has no boundaries,

What does not have any end, it includes within it each and every aspect of life…

There is no escape from it,

It is the only way there is…

Just that some know this, the rest do not,

But that does not deny the truth…

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Quote 795

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When you feel anger welling up inside you,

Watch it, know that it is a distorted form of love,

As soon as you are aware you will feel the anger subside,

Anger is a very small game, our mind is a very big player,

So play wise!

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Quote 794


We have been conditioned to see things in a certain way,

Only when we break free from this sort of bondage which is associated with the way in which we were brought up,

Can we look beyond ourselves and help other people,

People don’t always err as they need help, but sometimes, to help someone who has erred and caused trouble to you is just proof for something so valuable and profound such as forgiveness and unconditional love…

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Music – Words to Voice

Hey everyone!!!


This is the first time, I am actually putting a post which doesn’t contain a quote… It is more about something I have been working on recently. So to get you started,

Have you come across Kabir Ke Dohe?

Sant Kabir was a Guru, a mentor for many during his times…. His teachings are an ocean of wisdom for a seeker… Messages in small couplets, which when understood can be life changing.

Recently I came across these Dohe as they are called in Sanskrit, and I found them to be a source of immense wisdom. My urge to put music to these words of wisdom soon led me to humming some tunes… After compiling these tunes and the dohas, along with the percussion instrument tabla.

We have finally made a video of it… Do visit the channel if you feel like listening to a transition from word to voice of ancient wisdom in the form of this compilation.


Here is the link to the channel:


Hope you enjoy it…


Also, New Year it almost here…SO A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!