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Even if you reach the pinnacle of success in your life, if your mind is still restless and unsatisfied, what would you do then?

We need to stop and think a little, when we start feeling over whelmed by the urge to prove ourselves, this is when we need to take a break and think things over. Maybe what we see as success now, will not seem so much of a success later on when time would have run out and there would be things which we missed doing but cannot do again…


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Some conversations last so long, you just feel as though so much happened!

Other conversation stay on in the mind for so long, even though they never happened!

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So caught up in your web on thoughts you are that in order to free yourself from the attachments you need to free yourself from this marathon in your mind…

Plunge into the ocean of thoughts and deep within you will see that these thoughts are just mere illusions…

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Maybe life has been very deceiving until now, where you didn’t get what you want, maybe you have cried nights away into the pillow and hid away your pillow so you mother wouldn’t see it and cry for you. Maybe you have hid things from your parents which you shouldn’t have. But who decided what is wrong and what is right?

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Seek for adventure

Previous experiences is all the mind has to judge or predict the future experiences yet to come, it doesn’t have anything out of the blue or anything you have no clue about. It has nothing in the universe which you haven’t experience or heard as of date. Yet there is another mind out there which is much deeper, it knows you for what you are, it knows itself, it knows the true self.

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If you don’t know where you’re going

And the world seems like a vast ocean

Close your eyes and intuitively go where your heart takes you…

It is most likely that you will end up in the right place…

Even if you don’t the right people will find you to take you home!