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Do what you want to do, Who cares what the world wants you to do?

You know best what’s right for you, just listen to yourself, that’s all…

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Sometimes we don’t even know, that we want or don’t want something. Because there is too much confusion in between the mind and the intellect. It I continuously either telling you to do something, or it may tell you what is right and what is wrong.

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When the mind realizes that the person might be one who is now ready to drop the mind, or might be heading to the state of no mind, it will do its best to save itself.

It may arise in the form of sexual urges, frustration, anger, desires for anything, cravings and even fears for that matter. It will just try to save itself.

The mind will only try to save itself…

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Stop listening to the mind, stop being the slave.

The mind will always find excuses.

You may feel good that you have less desires and more self-control than others.

But stop, and look.

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Is that all that life is about, being better than others.

Others exist because you see them.

So then you need to wait and watch.

Life is not all about, having one desire less than the others. It is about stopping this endless cycle which has been going on since when who knows, somewhere…

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