Musing 17

Fall Foliage

Strewn across all around,

Like the leaves of autumn,

Blooming like flowers all around,

Spring is the time to blossom…


Musing 16

Baby in White Onesie

Innocence glimmering in your very nature

Sparkling through your eyes – a smile,

Beckoning me to come closer,

I shied away closing my eyes for a while…

Musing 15

Some words some gestures some silences touch the heart,

Some profound experiences lack expression,

Some people love so deeply that it tears you apart,

It takes more than just moments, more than just assurance to be there for someone, it take passion…

White Dressed Girl Across Black Mountains

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Standstill…Musing # 4

butterfly, close-up, forest

Escaping into a world of dreams

Running away from a chaos of thoughts

Retreating into the serenity of a subtle sunrise

A moment of silence echoing in the sound of words

Stillness around, everything went on but somewhere i stopped

With me time stopped, everything froze

Photo of a Girl Playing With the Camera

And I in that moment captured one of the most beautiful moments of life in the camera of my mind ….


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Musing # 3

Silhouette of Woman Near Sea Shore

Dissolving into the shadows of time…

What never was born will never die,

what seems so lost was never yours to find,

What you believe is wrong is just what someone feel’s is right…

What is on your mind is discrepancy of thought, wavering emotions and a million shadows,

These shadows loom in the darkness ferreting around like lost birds in a clear dark sky,

They collide into one another, scream for attention and then dissolve altogether into the darkness of time,

If only I knew this analogy would correlate to the thoughts on our mind and the concept of time…

Thought this I staring into the space of darkness..

Silhouette of a Woman During Dawn

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Free stock photo of sky, night, dark, moon

In the dark night,

A glimmer of golden light,

A path so dark and begone,

This path nobody had gone…

Road Amidst Bare Trees

Lost in the shimmer,

A homely glimmer,

A fragrance so unknown,

Yet so known,

Full Moon during Night Time

I groped around in the darkness,

Feeling utterly helpless,

A cry so loud and piercing,

Yet so unheard and shattering.

White and Black Moon With Black Skies and Body of Water Photography during Night Time

Nobody could hear the pain,

The whimper in between the rain,

The moon still shone bright,

Hidden behind grey clouds as deepened the night…

astrology, astronomy, dark

The darkness engulfed the mind of the seer,

The knower knew crystal clear,

time elapsed into the deep night,

in the darkness crying for light..

Silhouette of Person in Green Grass Under the Sun during Daytime

Tantalizing silence was strewn,

all around the moon,

there was only silence in all the noise,

Now all that remained was the voice,

Macro Photography of White Flower

The voice of silence, took my hand,

Taking me through the dark land,

It felt forever before the clouds moved,

The rain stopped and moon glowed

Yellow Moon Illustration

the dark night was still the same,

But i in my new found light a new,

witnessed every moment as it came,

watched every thought as it flew..


Seashore Beside Sea

Time existed but only on the clock,

Death happened but only of what was born,

Silence was present even in sound…

In this moment, the I was gone…

Full Moon Near Snowcap Mountain

All that remained was what had been realized, it was not a thing to be mine, it was not a feeling, not an emotion, it was something words could never describe, and yet the experience was so profound!

architecture, bridge, buildings

The moon was shimmering, the reflection in the lake, the lake so calm and the reflection so clear, the witness had been realized and all that remained now was the merging with the infinite…

Brown Ceramic Chinese Figurine

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Depth of Field Photo of Grass Silhouette during Golden Hour

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How long has it been since you stopped for a moment to look within yourself?

Why do you feel its okay to carry all that gunk inside your mind?

Would you keep it on you if it would show on your body?

if you look closely it is or it will show on your body…There is nothing that escapes the body mind connection.

So for the sake of good healthy and a healthy mind – Learn to forgive, accept and let go…

Boats On Seashore During Daytime

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