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In the field full of flowers, when one more flower will blossom, who will know?

Is it so special that its fragrance will pull the nature closer to it?

Or is it closer to the nature, which will pull us towards it?

Yet, who will know another flower has blossomed today, until we need something from it anyway…

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Like a million stars, all the colors will diverge and converge at the same moment,

In that moment of ever dissolving love and highly intoxicating bliss,

No separate colors will remain, what will remain is only white when all colors have dissolved into one then there will be love…

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Purple Grapes Fruit Surrounded by Green Leaves

Why with some people, is there such a connection,

There is only purity in the relation you share,

There is a deeper love which is not physical,

Perhaps it feels you knew each other forever since the beginning,

You share more than just a thought, you share more than emotions,

Maybe you share the same soul, maybe you share more than just what you thought you could account for, making you both more than just soulmates….

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Estranged are those moments, when you know not what to do,

You know not what to say, you know not whether to stay,

These are moment of conflict in the mind and heart,

The dilemma of doing something and regretting it, pains the heart a bit more than not doing something and regretting it,

In this moment of confusion, walking unfazed is best for the intellect, whilst the heart crumbles into a warm mush…

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Intoxication was becoming,

Divine energy was energizing,

Love was flowing,

Revolution was happening,

Things were changing,

Spiritual secrets were unfolding,

Hearts were meeting,

Paths were crossing,

People were belonging,

Connections were deepening,

It was all just enlightening!

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Why do questions even arise, sometimes a shock, other times a surprise,

Creating a torment in the mind, whilst it lasts, an answer it has to find,

If its answered another will arise, What’s the trick to all the question which rise,

Perhaps to keep then unanswered might channelize, Or maybe questions were meant to tantalize?

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The dark sea, so enchanting and infinite,

The ferocious waves so sublime, yet so vehement,

As the day turned into a night, all that remained was a twilight,

For this one night, time stilled, blissful as if it were all meant…