Musing 16

Baby in White Onesie

Innocence glimmering in your very nature

Sparkling through your eyes – a smile,

Beckoning me to come closer,

I shied away closing my eyes for a while…


Musing 15

Some words some gestures some silences touch the heart,

Some profound experiences lack expression,

Some people love so deeply that it tears you apart,

It takes more than just moments, more than just assurance to be there for someone, it take passion…

White Dressed Girl Across Black Mountains

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Women – need to be there for each other…

Lady in Beach Silhouette during Daytime Photography

Once again she dissolved into the notions of society,

She wanted to be someone, so she stood in the shadows,

Lurking around, waiting for there to be the right time,

The right moment never came, so she remained in the dark gallows…

boy, brother, child

One day she decided, today was the last it was going to be,,

Not one more day a woman was going to be so judged,

Not at least by another one of her own kind,

She expected them to understand, to care and be kind…

adult, backlit, child

She stopped expecting, started accepting,

This moment, she had changed, she had grown

Out of her naive, gullible sensitive self,

To lend a hand to others who were like her old self…

dawn, dusk, forest

To be the support, and care for women,

They needed to be there for each other first,

Hugging, caring, sharing and smiling women,

Needed to be there for each other….

Silhouette of Four People Against Sun Background


Image courtesy: Pexels

Body Shaming – an untold truth…


Body Shaming

adult, alone, anxious

Why is there a set way in which a woman is supposed to look? Why is thin the new in? Why is it that curvy women are pushed behind in the race for beauty? Why is it that some women however thin they are still want to be thinner? Since when did having a flat stomach become more important than having good health? Since when did having the most chiseled jaw line and well defined cheek bone, come with a dash of fatigue and tiredness, from starving yourself to lose that one pound.

Woman Wearing Pink Printed Crew-neck T-shirt and Blue Faded Denim Shorts

Who said all this hogwash is worth it, and for whom? These questions have taken away sleep, good health and peace of mind of many a woman in this world. It’s not fair that a woman must go through all this trauma, and emotional upheaval…So tonight before another woman cries herself to sleep, all insecure and feeling unaccepted, for the family whom she has given her life for, we need to stop here. Think once more, what the hell is going on?

adult, black-and-white, body

I am not against the idea of having good health. I agree we need to respect the body we have and take utmost care of it. It is a temple, in which the divine resides, we would ensure we keep the place of worship clean and clear. When you push yourself away from that one indulgence, check your conscience, why are you doing it? Is it to maintain your health, is it to lose that one pound, which you feel is extra, but the body needs it?


black and white, black-and-white, depressed

Listen to your body sometimes, not only to your mind, not only to the society which has a set pattern in which it wants things to function. The society has a pre-set notion of how a woman is supposed to look, anything you do apart from that, eyebrows will be raised.

Blue Denim Jeans

Let me ask you something, you know how it feels, when someone goes to the gym and loses weight and then they come home to get complimented on how beautiful their weight loss has made them, it’s not nice you know. It just shows the person how much acceptance was missing until this moment. And you just sit and wonder, oh! So this is what you wanted. Why? Because the society has set this schema, that thin is beautiful? Who said so? And even if people say so, why do you agree? Think, reflect, have an opinion of your own…

beauty, blur, casual

Going to the gym, doing yoga, maintaining a good lifestyle, nobody said no to any of this. It is good to ditch the junk food, there is nothing wrong in being healthy, living healthy, but most importantly we need to start thinking healthy as well.

Group of Woman Doing Yoga

Health is more to do with the mind than the body. Whilst you focus on this, rest assured that it is going to take a long time before anyone changes, nobody will change, and body shaming has always been an issue, it’s not going anywhere.

Woman in White and Blue Dress Holding Water Melon

Whatever you do people will never be satisfied, so stop doing things to satisfy others. If you feel you want to present yourself in a certain way, sit and reflect, think of the intention behind the desire. If you intellectually think it is right, and the voice from your heart says yes, do it. But never do anything to just go according to the norm society has set. Society is just a group of people saying a few things, soon the group of people will also change and the society will also change… SO take care of yourself…

Woman Wearing Black Long Sleeved Shirt Sitting on Green Grass Field Near Mountain Under Cloudy Sky

Beauty is not only skin deep, it can be deeper, if only you cared to look beyond the face… Look into the eyes, you will meet the individual, listen into the voice and you will feel the person, touch the person’s heart and you will merge with the individual… Believe in humanity, believe in love and believe in acceptance….

Woman Wearing Blue Long Sleeved Shirt Standing On Pink Smoke


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“Men- O- Pause”

WOMEN!!! – The Divine Feminine… Shakti…
So much strength a woman has…

Naina Nair's Musings

pexels-photo-573238The title is so clear isn’t it!! It is time for all women going through this phase to just clearly indicate that they have decided to pause for men!

Well, she can also decide to put a full stop to the pause and never play again 🙂
It is all based on her mood and her wishes…she is the queen after all!

Come on ladies, we rule and its quite clear. A single pause and the home becomes a beautiful chaos and no less than an earthquake struck zone 🙂 🙂

Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the scene…do not be attached to the beautiful place your home was before you decided to pause ( take a break ).

Actually take a break and have fun! After all, like my dear Doctor said ‘we have one life’ and I totally agree with her.


Now let us not get into the…

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Woman Power!

An empowering post…
It’s worth a thought…

Naina Nair's Musings

We keep hearing that women need to be empowered and a lot of women are suffering and need help and so on…

From a particular angle this is true and yet only a small switch has to be made instead of huge slogans and programs.

In the name of empowerment women are trying to do things that men are doing. They can surely do it! But whats the whole point? There is nothing to prove and nothing that she needs to do in order to prove her importance! She is all powerful just like that!

From our scriptures and many age old epics we know that woman was referred to as Shakti. Shakti is strength and the name itself reflects power.

Now most of us know that the atman or soul is not male or female. It is just pure and existential.

So the gender is all about the body…

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