Sparks of Dying Ember…

Black Tree at Night Time

As the spark of oneness diminished,

The void seemed infinite,

The loneliness left him famished,

He craved warmth in the cold night…

Low Angle Photography of Full Moon Under Silhouette of Tall Trees

As the rays of love dissolved,

The comfort he longed for shackled,

The sadness filled him with grief,

The sorrow left him feeling stiff…

Brown Bear Plush Toy on Stone

The distance he felt was not physical,

It was a longing to bridge the gap,

This whole relationship he has placed on a pedestal,

It was all just a big mishap…

Selective Focus Photography of Tree Leaves

Tears streamed down his cheeks,

He stared into the darkness unbound,

Looking astray and he never found that which he seeks,

He never felt so tied or so bound…

Macro Shot Photography of Bonfire

After giving in for so very long,

This dependency filled his life with agony,

The love and space he gave others he met along,

Yet he lacked the sweetness of love and honey…

Flame Illustration

Surrendering an entire life time for one person,

Experiences of regret and lack left him feeling bitter,

Was this all worth those few moments of fun?

So vulnerable and innocent, he cried as he thought about her…

Red and Orange Fire

He recollected every moment he spent by her side,

As he stared at the last flame burn with a sudden burst,

His heart cringed as the tears he couldn’t cry choked him,

Soulfully wishing for what could have been,

If only he knew those weren’t the fires of agony but just tiny reminisces of undying love from the sparks of the dying ember…. 

Bokeh Photography of Lights


Yoga- The Beginning…

“Samatvam Yogam Uchyate” – Shree Krishna says to Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita)

Woman Sitting on Brown Stone Near Green Leaf Trees at Daytime

The previous re-blogged post is an eyeopener to the seeker about What is Yoga. I have recently started the practice of yoga. I knew bits and pieces about yoga from what i had read online and seen my friends doing. But stretching yourself like a rubber band or twisting yourself like a pretzel isn’t what yoga is all about…

Woman Doing Yoga Near Tree

Yes surely, some Asanas are complicated and can be perfected with time and practice… the true essence of yoga lies in equanimity…

Silhouette Photography of Person Spreading Arms    Person Doing Yoga

What I am learning from regular practice of Yoga:

  • Yoga is Union – YOG
  • Body and Breath , Mind and Intellect, Emotion and Energy are all aligned by the practice of yoga.
  • Loving our body is very important, yoga is the only form of practice/exercise which inspires self love.
  • Our body is our home- Yoga helps us to rejuvenate and affirm this thought process.
  • The food cravings you have right now comes from a space of emotional imbalance.
  • If you practice yoga regularly, your eating habits, your food patterns and your portion sizes will change.
  • If you practice twice in a day – it helps…
  • Morning practice helps you to find the energy, balance and stability to face the day ahead of you.
  • Evening practice helps you to relax, unwind and de-stress after a long day of social interaction, work and other commitments.
  • Yoga though it can be done with partners and friends, is deeply about the inner journey.
  • Moments of silence and awareness account for a rejuvenating experience.
  • Every experience of stillness helps you to center your being.
  • The elements within your body feel more balanced.
  • You will feel more energized and happy.
  • It is like giving yourself a gift – every single day.
  • Create the ambiance to practice yoga… it helps you to feel motivated to continue your journey within…
  • Finally, yoga is not only about how flexible your body is , it makes your mind more adaptive and you find changes and transitions easier. You learn to flow with the current of the river instead of trying to swim against it… like a log in the river… due its this very nature it can never drown… It isn’t only about how light you feel physically it is also about how light and thought free you feel on a mental and emotional level. It isn’t only about sweating it out on the yoga mat but also about feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Man Sitting on Grass Field  Close-up of Plant on Field  Lighted White Candles Near Yellow Petaled Flowers


Make yoga a lifestyle, don’t limit it to a form of exercise…

Happy stretching and also Take care of yourself, Love yourself and Balance your inner self with the daily practice of Yoga!

Silhouette of Person Doing Yoga Near Body of Water

Yoga- blissful union

Naina Nair's Musings


As soon as we hear the word yoga, the different types of asanas flash in our mind. Though it is the beginning of yoga, it doesn’t end there. It is a long journey ahead.

The body is the Annamaya kosha which is absolutely necessary to experience the rest of the koshas. Kosha can be understood loosely as layers.

There is the praanamaya kosha, the life force energy that runs this body.

Then the manomaya kosha, the mind -the mana…

Next is the gnyanamaya kosha or the intellect, the buddhi…

Then the ananadamaya kosha or the bliss body…

Yoga is actually YOG and thereby union- union with whom? Union with the divine self.

As we begin the physical asanas we do it with the utmost grace. It is neither about proving nor about competing. It is simply being in union with the body at that moment. With complete respect and awareness…

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“Love” – a 4 letter word

Naina Nair's Musings


One of the most powerful words!

A small four letter word and yet it is the very essence of our being. All we need to remember that it is not an action.

Love can only flow…like the river flows

love can only shine…like the sun shines

love can only spread…like fragrance of flowers.

Love is our very nature. The nature of our own self. Layered by ignorance its hidden, yet it stays unaffected and pure.

The ego followed by desires and our latent tendencies/vasanas help form several veils of attachment, anger, greed and so on.

Meditation helps in dissolving these veils and it is then that we experience the self.

Like the river …unconditionally love flows

Like the sun…the warmth of love radiates

like the flowers…we blossom and the fragrance just spreads

Love cannot be hidden for long…once the veils are lifted…it will flow unconditionally and spread around you…


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Woh – ek safar ankahi…

Woman Crossing on Bridge

Woh baatien jo hum kehte nahi,

Woh Yaadien jo hum bhooltein nahi,

Woh ehsaas jo hum kehte nahi

Woh pal jo hum kabhi wapis jeete nahi…

Woman's Face Behind the Leaf Close-up Photo Person Taking Photo of Body of Water in Long Exposure Shot

Woh gaane jinhe sunkar, hum kho jaatein kahin,

Woh lamhe jo tasveeron mein samaate nahi,

Woh shayari jo sache dard ka izhar karte hai,

Woh kahaniya jo kabhi sach hote nahi…

Woman Holding Ball

Woh phool jiski mehkti khushboo hamesha rahe,

Woh avaz jiski gehrayi, kareeb se kahe,

Woh tanhayi jiski ehasaas, kabhi dhalti nahi,

Woh zindagi ke do pal, jo kash kabhi guzarte hi nahi….

Long Blonde-haired Woman Walks Beside Gutter

Main Kya hoon?

Woman Raising Her Arms

ek saya hoon ya ek parinda 

ek leher hoon ya ek boond hoon

ek peher hoon ya ek goonj hoon

ek bhaav hoon ya ek soch hoon

ek aakar hoon ya ek vichar hoon

Main kaun hoon… main kaun hoon…

Silhouette of Woman Raising His Hand

ek parivaar hoon ya ek ehsaas hoon

ek abhinetri hoon ya ek kalakaar hoon

ek lamha hoon ya ek pal hoon

main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Photo of Man Standing on Rock Formation

ek kahani hoon ya ek shayari hoon

ek yaad hoon ya ek meethi bol hoon

ek khoya pehchan hoon ya ek nanhi si jaan hoon

main kaun hoon…main kaun hoon…

White Top


ek safar hoon ya ek manzil hoon

ek saas hoon ya ek jeevan hoon 

ek parichay hoon ya ek geet hoon

ek pal hoon ya ek intezaar hoon

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Person Sitting on Rock at Golden HourWoman Facing River Between Brown Fields

ek khushi hoon ya ek hasi hoon

ek anand hoon ya ek khusbhoo

ek silsila hoon ya ek sannata hoon

ek sthirtha hoon ya phir chanchalta hoon

ek shabd hoon ya phir nishabd hoon

ek pratibimb hoon ya ek sakshi hoon

main kuuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Woman Wearing Purple Hooded Jacket Sitting on Rock

ek chetan hoon ya phir jad hoon 

ek bhakti is taar hoon ya prem ki behti leher hoon, 

ek gyaan ki dhar hoon ya ek khojta mumukshu hoon

ek shishya hoon ya phir guru hoon

ek yogi hoon ya ek sansari hoon 

ek lobhi hoon ya moh ke jal mein phasi hoon 

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon 

Silhouette of Man Standing Near Body of Water

ek khamoshi hoon ya ek awaz hoon 

ek shor hoon ya ek khayal hoon 

ek kshama hoon ya ek judaai hoon 

ek parwana hoon ya ek deewana hoon 

koi guzri gali hoon yar ek raah hoon 

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon 

Silhouette of Man Standing on Lake at Sunset

ek shanti hoo yar ek kranti hoon 

ek rishtaa hoon ya aek insaan hoon 

ek dil ka tukda hoon ya khula asman hoon 

ek aag ki jalti agni hoon ya ek aseemm aaksash hoon 

ek gehri sachayi hoon ya koi avinsahi jhoot hoon

Main kaun hoon …. Main kaun hoon…

Silhouette of Feather Dreamcatcher

meher ki barsaat hoon ya koi farishtey ki duan hoon

sache ashiq ka ishq hoon , tere hi mohabat mein “main” fanna ho jaao…

Red Petaled Flowers



Ek purana phasana…

Woman in Yellow Dress Standing on Pink Petaled Flower Field

Humari zindagi ek kahani lekar ayi hai,

Hum sirf abhineta maatr hai,

Ek likhi gayi kahani ko jeene aye hai hum,

Har choti ehsas pehle hi likhi gayi hai,

Har bhaav ki pehle se hi zikr ho chuki hai,

Humari zindagi kya sach mein humari hi hai?

Yah phir hum sirf kuch pehle se likhi gayi kahaniyon ko nibhane aaye hai?

Shayad hume yaha kuch naya banane ke liye nahi bheja tha,

Ek kahani mere ankhon ke saamne janam le rahi hai, uska anubhav lena hai,

Par woh koi naya kissa nahi, bas ek aur purana phasana hai,

Is kirdar ko nibhate nibhate, kya hum humari sachayi ko hi bhool jayenge?

White Dressed Girl Across Black Mountains

Jee Le Har Pal…

Photo of Brown House Near Mountain

Har pal badalti hai samay, har naye pal mein nayi zindagi le aati hai samay,

Har rishte mein yaadein chod jaati hai samay, kharch ho jate hai hum, beetati rehti hai samay,

Har yaad ke bheetar chupe ehsaas ki ek jhalak dikhati hai samay,

Har zikr mein chupi tanhayi ko behkati hai samay,

Har pal, har soch ko kash jee leta yeh man, kya pata in khayalon ko jeene ke liye na reh jaye hum….

Person With Body Painting