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Rock Balance Art Beside Body of Water

Bring a balance into your life,

Do what you want and never let people bulldoze you into something,

Think, reflect and feel for yourself,

When you know its right, you know you want to do it, do it, otherwise forget about the world, coz nobody is worth it…

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Free stock photo of person, hands, model, blur

Welcome the sun shine, just stop being so caught up in the dust that covers your window…

Analogically, probably it’s high time you look at the true self within you, which is nothing and everything, stop looking at the illusion of this body and think this to be the self…

The self is beyond…


Quote 729


A few things will come and go,

A few thoughts will form anew,

A few people will come closer,

A few people will disappear,

Cherish the few that last,

Reminisce the few that you wanted to last,

Forget the most that couldn’t have added a smile to your life anyway…

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Black Binocular on Round Device

When things near you seem to be too much,

Take a seat back, relish a cup of aromatic coffee,

And watch, wonder and you will know,

If things are happening, they will happen anyway,

there is no point in you interfering either ways…