Sparks of Dying Ember…

Black Tree at Night Time

As the spark of oneness diminished,

The void seemed infinite,

The loneliness left him famished,

He craved warmth in the cold night…

Low Angle Photography of Full Moon Under Silhouette of Tall Trees

As the rays of love dissolved,

The comfort he longed for shackled,

The sadness filled him with grief,

The sorrow left him feeling stiff…

Brown Bear Plush Toy on Stone

The distance he felt was not physical,

It was a longing to bridge the gap,

This whole relationship he has placed on a pedestal,

It was all just a big mishap…

Selective Focus Photography of Tree Leaves

Tears streamed down his cheeks,

He stared into the darkness unbound,

Looking astray and he never found that which he seeks,

He never felt so tied or so bound…

Macro Shot Photography of Bonfire

After giving in for so very long,

This dependency filled his life with agony,

The love and space he gave others he met along,

Yet he lacked the sweetness of love and honey…

Flame Illustration

Surrendering an entire life time for one person,

Experiences of regret and lack left him feeling bitter,

Was this all worth those few moments of fun?

So vulnerable and innocent, he cried as he thought about her…

Red and Orange Fire

He recollected every moment he spent by her side,

As he stared at the last flame burn with a sudden burst,

His heart cringed as the tears he couldn’t cry choked him,

Soulfully wishing for what could have been,

If only he knew those weren’t the fires of agony but just tiny reminisces of undying love from the sparks of the dying ember…. 

Bokeh Photography of Lights


Main Kya hoon?

Woman Raising Her Arms

ek saya hoon ya ek parinda 

ek leher hoon ya ek boond hoon

ek peher hoon ya ek goonj hoon

ek bhaav hoon ya ek soch hoon

ek aakar hoon ya ek vichar hoon

Main kaun hoon… main kaun hoon…

Silhouette of Woman Raising His Hand

ek parivaar hoon ya ek ehsaas hoon

ek abhinetri hoon ya ek kalakaar hoon

ek lamha hoon ya ek pal hoon

main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Photo of Man Standing on Rock Formation

ek kahani hoon ya ek shayari hoon

ek yaad hoon ya ek meethi bol hoon

ek khoya pehchan hoon ya ek nanhi si jaan hoon

main kaun hoon…main kaun hoon…

White Top


ek safar hoon ya ek manzil hoon

ek saas hoon ya ek jeevan hoon 

ek parichay hoon ya ek geet hoon

ek pal hoon ya ek intezaar hoon

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Person Sitting on Rock at Golden HourWoman Facing River Between Brown Fields

ek khushi hoon ya ek hasi hoon

ek anand hoon ya ek khusbhoo

ek silsila hoon ya ek sannata hoon

ek sthirtha hoon ya phir chanchalta hoon

ek shabd hoon ya phir nishabd hoon

ek pratibimb hoon ya ek sakshi hoon

main kuuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon

Woman Wearing Purple Hooded Jacket Sitting on Rock

ek chetan hoon ya phir jad hoon 

ek bhakti is taar hoon ya prem ki behti leher hoon, 

ek gyaan ki dhar hoon ya ek khojta mumukshu hoon

ek shishya hoon ya phir guru hoon

ek yogi hoon ya ek sansari hoon 

ek lobhi hoon ya moh ke jal mein phasi hoon 

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon 

Silhouette of Man Standing Near Body of Water

ek khamoshi hoon ya ek awaz hoon 

ek shor hoon ya ek khayal hoon 

ek kshama hoon ya ek judaai hoon 

ek parwana hoon ya ek deewana hoon 

koi guzri gali hoon yar ek raah hoon 

Main kuch nahi hoon ya phir sab kuch hoon 

Silhouette of Man Standing on Lake at Sunset

ek shanti hoo yar ek kranti hoon 

ek rishtaa hoon ya aek insaan hoon 

ek dil ka tukda hoon ya khula asman hoon 

ek aag ki jalti agni hoon ya ek aseemm aaksash hoon 

ek gehri sachayi hoon ya koi avinsahi jhoot hoon

Main kaun hoon …. Main kaun hoon…

Silhouette of Feather Dreamcatcher

meher ki barsaat hoon ya koi farishtey ki duan hoon

sache ashiq ka ishq hoon , tere hi mohabat mein “main” fanna ho jaao…

Red Petaled Flowers



Cosmic Embrace

black-and-white, child, cute

A distraught daughter,

Looked hither tither,

Searching for her mother,

Her doe-like tear filled eyes depicted fear,

Selective Color Photography of Blood Moon

She looked deep into the sky,

All she saw was a moon,

The stars and a few birds fly,

The cosmos glimmered in a divine swoon,

Photo Gray Scale of a Child With Floral Tiara

Tears welled up blurring her vision,

She cried in confusion,

What was life doing to her ,

She wondered where was her mother,

angel, art, artwork

A strong embodiment of love and grace,

Blessed with a divine face,

Her mother promised to be by her side,

Forever she would stand beside,

abstract, angelic, art

The daughter surrendered lost,

Saw a shadow near her flicker,

She looked up aghast,

To see her divine mother,

White Angel Sitting Figurine

The one she had cried to meet,

To see her so real,

To see her smile was so sweet,

The feeling was deeply surreal,

angel, art, black-and-white

In a moment of silence they stood

Communicating in silence, they understood,

They had met due to divine grace,

Dissolving forever into a cosmic embrace…

Illusions and Emotions

Man Blindfolded

IC pexels

One day the illusion breaks, what you thought to be true, cease to be anymore…

What you felt was real, is only left in the deepest recess of your mind…

What you experienced, was all in a state of confusion or illusion…

The people you were attached to, moved on to progress in their lives…

You sat there feeling stagnant, waiting for those times to come back…

But everything has changed forever, no one remained the same anymore,

So with the good wishes, blessings and love forever alive in your heart,

Its time for you to move on today…

adorable, adventure, autumn colours

IC pexels

The broken illusion beckons to you, as you stand sad and distraught…

The shadows of time, will soon wreck the illusion apart…

All that will remain will be the memories you kept in your heart,

The emotions you expressed and the experiences you sought…

Scenic of Ocean During Sunset

IC pexels

Very soon you will be free, starting at a new sunset…

The same sun setting, but in another corner of the world…

Making new memories while these sweet memories give you strength,

With gratitude in your heart and everlasting warm smile on your face

As the breeze lightly caresses the soul, wrapping you into a mystic embrace…

Silhouette of a Woman

IC pexels

An enigmatic epiphany…  

 Free stock photo of sea, dawn, landscape, nature

Far away from the sea shore,

A sound so serene and so sweet,

Beckoned to the heart of the listener,

The heart of the ocean and the listener were just about to meet…

Ocean View Under Blue Sky

The listener swayed with the tide,

Waiting with bated breath to hear,

Anticipating the ocean’s pride,

Dissolving fragments of fear, the ocean spoke loud and clear…

Silhouette of Woman Near Sea Shore

‘I know not, the mystery of my depth’

One day I will dive into it to discover,

I am timeless and can’t be touched by death,

Hidden ecstasy and bliss I shall uncover…

Body of Water And Seashore During Sunset

Further ensued a lovely experience,

Which was of the heart of the listener listening,

As it listened in a mystic trance,

Tears flowing and the waves glistening…

Photo of Person Walking on Deserted Island

Every wave which arose,

Emotions, thoughts or feeling,

Merged back from where it rose,

Into a seamless ocean of healing….

White Sand Beach Under Cloudy Sky during Sunset

Every current deepened an unhealed wound,

Resisting the change, which the tide brought,

Sound of silence left the listener spell bound,

As the ocean guarded its depths, lost and distraught…

Landscape Photography of Snow Capped Mountains

The entire ocean within a drop hidden,

The wave knew not its entirety,

Revealing the secret so guarded and forbidden,

Whispering its tale into the silence of eternity…

beautiful, calm, clouds

Tears of happiness the ocean cried,

To have finally been uncovered in its true form,

Overcome by the ecstasy of liberation, serene and staid,

It was like a calm after the storm…

beach, bottle, cold

Dancing and singing, the ocean flowed,

No more guarding mysteries of its depth, no more searching,

Approaching a shore where a warm light glowed,

The warm feeling of coming home finally, to the eternal calling…

beach, blur, clouds

‘Someone’ & ‘Innocence’

blur, calm, close-up

With innocent doe like eyes,

Innocence looked into ‘Someone’s’ eyes

Big tear drops rolled down her cheeks

As Innocence sat near the well and cried

close-up, eye, eyelashes

In this moment she felt lost,

All alone, in this big bad world,

Deceived, hurt and burning down in agony,

More tears arose…

child, girl, kid

‘Someone’ walked up to her and said,

Don’t cry my dear, don’t be upset

‘Someone’ extended a hand, with a promise to be there,

Innocence looked up and in those little eyes, saw the care…

couple, friendship, hands

Innocence trusted ‘Someone’ and gave her hand

‘Someone’ caught her hand and held it tight

A promise to safeguard strongly affirmed

‘Someone’ tugged her along together

Girl Staring at the Sky

Walking together for a long time soon they met a crossroad

‘Someone’ crossed over and just stood on the other side,

Innocence in the guise of a woman, waited for ‘Someone’ to come and take her together,

Innocence still waits for ‘Someone’, at the cross road, with her hands stretched out…

backlit, beach, clouds

Time passes and ‘Someone’ moved on, changed and became insensitive

Innocence tired of waiting these years, broke down,

She had realised ‘Someone’ was gone for ever, her only security was gone forever,

Now she was alone, strong and resilient, she wiped her tears and walked forth

adult, beautiful, brunette

That day innocence had turned into EMPOWERMENT!

Innocence had finally found her way, her tears were all dry and she confidently strode across…

Crying tears of joy, as the spirit of freedom danced within innocence

She quit mourning over a story in the past, that was never meant to be, the broken dream had now been forgotten as Innocence looked back into the sands of time from the other side of the cross road..


Free stock photo of landscape, mountains, nature, clouds



The security of a shadow…


Free stock photo of dawn, nature, sky, sunset

ic pexels

The shadow looked so frightening

It was just a glimpse

Sometime ahead, sometimes behind….

A reflection of guilt, fear hatred of what?

A loss, a tear and a burning agony…

The fear of losing someone dear to me

To be left with poetry

Something so close, someone so near

Who had always been a part of you?

Had today broken away

For a few seconds shadow less,

I looked up in despair

To see the dark night

I surrendered and n a moment

I saw the shadow in the moonlight

In this moment of newfound joy

Neither the object remained not the shadow

All that remained was the ecstatic witness…

View of Clouds during Sunset

ic pexels

Dear Mother…

The love of a mother so profound

It melted all my agony

Tears just rolled down without a sound

Silently burning fury

Woman in White Shirt Kissing Baby With Black and White Stripe Knit Cap

ic pexels

In her arms I felt so secure

I hugged her and cried as she held me tight in her bosom

She had connected us with a feeling so pure

She melted the hurt within me

Mother Holding Her Baby in Front of Seashore during Daytime

ic pexels

Her hurt became my tears

Her pain became my ache

Her laughter became my joy

Her happiness became my bliss…

beach, child, clouds

ic pexels

When I was small, what my mother had done for me,

I would never know how to be

She gave me life, taught me how to live

To stay with her forever, joyful and lively.

Silhouette of Wheats during Dawn in Landscape Photography

ic pexels