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Dance your way to joy,

Love your way to the divine,

Enjoy every moment,

Let the optimism keep flowing,

There is not a lot to do…

Yet everything is to be done,

So while you still have time,

Make the most of it…

Not crappily, but happily…

Make music, dance, laughter and celebration a part of your life…

Respect every breath and have gratitude for every smile…

Keep Smiling!:)


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What if what you wished for starts happening?

You cry if your wish is not fulfilled…

Ever thought, if every wish of yours starts materializing… where its going to lead you?

Maybe that is why every desire, takes a while before it materializes and it always happens in the care of the nature….

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It was a mist of doubt, a conflict unknown. In the mind there was a storm of suspicion,

Neither what I was living seemed real, not what was imaginary was a dream…

What was I doing here, right now seemed to be a question unanswered to me…

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Love is not limited, it it unlimited,

There are no boundaries for love,

In love there is trust, there is acceptance, there is space and freedom…

Like a free bird, what binds you is not love, it is bondage veiled under a make believe relationship…

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In the field full of flowers, when one more flower will blossom, who will know?

Is it so special that its fragrance will pull the nature closer to it?

Or is it closer to the nature, which will pull us towards it?

Yet, who will know another flower has blossomed today, until we need something from it anyway…

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Like a million stars, all the colors will diverge and converge at the same moment,

In that moment of ever dissolving love and highly intoxicating bliss,

No separate colors will remain, what will remain is only white when all colors have dissolved into one then there will be love…

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Purple Grapes Fruit Surrounded by Green Leaves

Why with some people, is there such a connection,

There is only purity in the relation you share,

There is a deeper love which is not physical,

Perhaps it feels you knew each other forever since the beginning,

You share more than just a thought, you share more than emotions,

Maybe you share the same soul, maybe you share more than just what you thought you could account for, making you both more than just soulmates….

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