Yoga- blissful union

Naina Nair's Musings


As soon as we hear the word yoga, the different types of asanas flash in our mind. Though it is the beginning of yoga, it doesn’t end there. It is a long journey ahead.

The body is the Annamaya kosha which is absolutely necessary to experience the rest of the koshas. Kosha can be understood loosely as layers.

There is the praanamaya kosha, the life force energy that runs this body.

Then the manomaya kosha, the mind -the mana…

Next is the gnyanamaya kosha or the intellect, the buddhi…

Then the ananadamaya kosha or the bliss body…

Yoga is actually YOG and thereby union- union with whom? Union with the divine self.

As we begin the physical asanas we do it with the utmost grace. It is neither about proving nor about competing. It is simply being in union with the body at that moment. With complete respect and awareness…

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