Musing # 2

What is the purpose of life?

Do you think you have a purpose? If the answer to that is a yes, then do you already know your purpose?

If not, think for a moment… Do we seriously have a purpose?

Maybe we don’t… Maybe “life is the purpose” – Osho

What could this mean???

If life was a purpose, then what should be our next step in life? Dose it mean we have to give up our future endeavors, our desires?

I don’t think so…

Personally, when I read the quote that life is the purpose, it brings a sense of fulfillment that there in nothing more to seek.. we have everything that we are seeking, if only we knew how to see life in such a manner…

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It kind of washes over a sense of overwhelming relief… As though the sun has set and the moon has risen… that moment of twilight… It is beautiful isn’t it…

When it feels like it is dark and night, but yet a glimmer of light reflects on your face, passing a sense of positive energy through you…

Similarly, when you feel like this is it… There is nothing more to do… A surrender has to happen… If you are aware, that you are lost…

The divinity will show you the way…we just need to trust…

Life is complete in itself, to say it needs a purpose is demeaning to something as abstract as life, it is like asking for the meaning of an abstract painting. There is a elegance to it, there is an energy in it…

The whole point is to be aware enough to enjoy this…The rest will happen on its own…

Enjoy LIFE!





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