Quote 726

Black Binocular on Round Device

When things near you seem to be too much,

Take a seat back, relish a cup of aromatic coffee,

And watch, wonder and you will know,

If things are happening, they will happen anyway,

there is no point in you interfering either ways…


2 thoughts on “Quote 726

  1. I learnt this off late. There was literally so much of stress all around when I wasn’t getting admissions. But what has to happen will happen. Turning the tables is not always possible…

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  2. Yes, sadly it is not. This is the moment when you feel out of control. The best thing to do in such a frustrating moment is to just, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Thank the existence, that yoru alive… When you are living with this attitude, nothing can touch you:*
    Keep reading my dear:)


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