The 700th!

Female Baseball Player Sitting on Grass Field Beside Helmet and Baseball Bat

Do not be disheartened by life,

If it is not giving you what you want,

You are probably putting your effort on the wrong plane,

Try turning around the way you think!

Try something new…

Green Bud Leafed Plant

You have shied away enough from the world,

The world needs to see the true you,

Enough of becoming what others wanted you to be,

Now its time to be who you want to be,

True to yourself, true to the world!

Yellow Flower during Sunset

Be like the nature,

It is always natural, no artificiality,

Only authenticity,

That is how we were meant to be as well, since forever….


Free stock photo of light, art, night, vintage

Be the beacon of light,

Show the path to people,

Trod on the path you want to best,

Make life a celebration,

Spread light where you go,

Its time to illuminate the darkness…

Tilt Shift Lens Photography of Pink

It is time for full blossoming,

Lets not push it away anymore,

Time to embrace the true you,

Which lurks under the new you…

Free stock photo of fashion, people, winter, cute

Walk where you want to go,

Decide which path you want to choose,

Accept responsibility for where you are today,

Be responsible for who you are today,

Walk the path you are passionate about,

Let everything else dissolve within your being…

Just realize this as it already is…


5 thoughts on “The 700th!

  1. I literally read this 4 times. The whole life I have lived till now came in front of my eyes. You know I have changed for so m-by people and lost my authenticity but I realised your value all the more increases when you are what you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes dear, sometimes we do end up having our very own tryst with reality…
      People will come and go, we do not have to change for them, your individuality is your strength! It is surely your value as well!
      Keep reading :*


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