Quote 661

Brown Wooden House Surrounded By Green Grass and Trees Near Mountain

Somewhere far across,

Away from the world,

In the lonely woods,

In a deep valley,

A loners paradise,

Stays a mind,

So very suave and yet so naive,

This mind so very fragile,

It strays like sheep,

On a glassy lake,

Which is so still it might break,

The silence is so still,

It causes a blank void,

The mind shudders as it avoids…

The mentor looks for the reins of the mind,

All distraught the senses run hithere tither

Neither they want to be caught,

Nor trained and combined,

Into one entity called the mind…

Hence the chase ensues,

In between the collie called intellect

And the ignorant fool called mind,

As the mind runs away from it,

It chases it from behind..

The world changes, people change and nothing remains the same,

Other than the poor ignorant mind…

Woman and Sheep Beside Body of Water Photo


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