Quote 651

Free stock photo of portrait, emotion, child, baby

Image Courtesy : Pexels

Tears were glimmering,

Eyes were shimmering,

Human's Eyes

Image courtesy : Pexels

Eyelids were blinking,

Smile was wavering,

Lips were quivering,

Smiling Woman

Image courtesy : Pexels

The wind was blowing,

Free stock photo of sea, beach, grass, dune

Water was flowing,

Person Surfing during Daytime

The sun was shining,


Fire was blazing,

Free stock photo of night, fire, easter, campfire

Stars were glittering,

Blue and Black Starry Sky

Emotions were playing,

Children Playing With Bubbles on Park

Passion was flickering,

Free stock photo of black-and-white, love, petals, close-up view

Pure Love was blossoming,

Free stock photo of love, relaxation, bed, bedroom

The infinite was ascending…


Laughing Boy Sitting on Table during Daytime Girl Jumping on the Bridge Wearing Black JacketGrayscale Photo of Laughing Old ManYellow Plush Toy



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