Quote 640

Scenic View of Sea Against Dramatic Sky

Staring into space,

a revolution went on within me,

what looked like a calm sea

the mind had raged into a fury,


The darkest depth had been touched,

the whirlwind had been set into motion,

the light was missing…


suddenly I saw a light in the dark,

I saw a painted portrait,

it was so colored yet so colorless,

it looked like a waning moon in the dark sky…


the parched thirst for the realization

which troubled us so long,

maybe it would be subtle,

or perhaps like a fire…


In the dark i straddled along,

towards the light i ran…

breathless as I was, when i reached

I was glad I had made it..


But then I realized, there was more to be done,

before I declared it…


Un-shed tears glistened in the moist eyes of the seer,

So close to have almost made it…

the doors then finally opened to the seer,

then nether the seer remained nor the scene,

neither the observer remained nor the witness…

All the remained was the silence…


Close-up of Trees by Lake at Night


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