Quote 419

How difficult is it for you to feel all lost and feel like you have no idea where you want to go next. It is alright we all feel that way one day or another, It is all about taking our time and allowing the time we have on our hands to cure us and heal all our wounds. Time is the best healer is what a lot of people say. But to what extent is this saying true?

Free stock photo of rocks, stones, wet, pebbles

Is it not just a myth, or a fallacy? Do you not feel this way? It feels like what can time do for you? Why do people keep saying it can heal wounds and stuff. Can it actually do that?

No time cannot do anything of that sort. Time can only pass you by, make you grow older and make new memories.

But what happens is when you make new memories, you tend to forget the old ones for a bit. It is not problematic, it is only about letting things happen for a bit. Especially when it feels like such a difficult thing to do.


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