Quote 152

Gray Roman Numeral Clock

“The hands of a clock are of not much attribution if you just view them as time telling devices, if you view them closely you will see them as two things:

  1. A person in the minute hand and a mind in the hour hand
  2. A haste in the minute hand and a momentum in the hour hand

Choose what you want to see…”


2 thoughts on “Quote 152

  1. Wow! Unimaginable. You have no clue how beautifully you interpret, who could even think that the hour and the minute hand could revolve around humanistic features like haste and momentum. Wow! Feel proud of you. ❤


    • I am glad you are able to interpret this depth… But finally these are just words and the interpretation is in the mind of the reader…:)
      Kudos! to you:)
      Keep reading and commenting – I get to learn a lot as well.:)


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