Quote 143

Have you ever imagine, how much noise there is in your mind…

The sad thing is, there is noise even in you silence

Where peace and solace you will find?

Away from this inner zest of violence…

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2 thoughts on “Quote 143

  1. However, the question is in this busy life how many of us would want to find that zest and solace? In addition it’s good to find that inner peace, however people’s mentality…..
    You get what I try to say.
    Keep writing! 🙂


    • The feel that you are busy is in the mind, yet remember that you are free. Only u can bind yourself into miseries, violence and tension.
      People will be the same, to expect them to change is another trouble to your thought. You change and be what you want to be – remember you are what is most important to your existence….

      Thanks:) Keep reading it motivates me to write…


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