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This is the first time, I am actually putting a post which doesn’t contain a quote… It is more about something I have been working on recently. So to get you started,

Have you come across Kabir Ke Dohe?

Sant Kabir was a Guru, a mentor for many during his times…. His teachings are an ocean of wisdom for a seeker… Messages in small couplets, which when understood can be life changing.

Recently I came across these Dohe as they are called in Sanskrit, and I found them to be a source of immense wisdom. My urge to put music to these words of wisdom soon led me to humming some tunes… After compiling these tunes and the dohas, along with the percussion instrument tabla.

We have finally made a video of it… Do visit the channel if you feel like listening to a transition from word to voice of ancient wisdom in the form of this compilation.


Here is the link to the channel:


Hope you enjoy it…


Also, New Year it almost here…SO A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!



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Yoga for the mind, Yoga for the Soul, Yoga for the body and Yoga for breath…

Yoga is the union of mind, body and soul through the thread called prana….

Yoga is not just an asana, it is a lifestyle!

Yoga can lead you into relaxation and meditation…


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Silence in the mind,

A spiritual retreat for the soul,

A prayer in the heart,

Blessings for humanity,

A sharpened intellect,

A disillusioned thought,

Grace for effort ,

Yoga for union,

And finally Love for every one…

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Distance can be overridden, it leaves no place for the dark. A person so very unconditionally can love. When love turns to hate you will never know, cause hate is a distortion of love and when love will express itself in which of its various forms you will never know…


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The distance in between two people, does not distance them from each other, if the mind has merged, the heart has melted in the fire of love, then what remains is just a fuzzy emotional connection with a spark…


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He held her hand and in a moment she was lost,

Love needed expression and unbounded trust,

It was all about dissolving and the ego withheld them for uniting,

There could be no two in love, only one

All that was left in the end was two broken hearts and story to be told…

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Her eyes shone in the dark,

Her smile brightened the new moon night,

I stared at her twinkling eyes, they looked back at me in innocence,

That night something changed, the sky was starless

I was falling for something I could never have,

I looked up into those shimmering eyes,

the gleam of hope called out to me

I looked into the watery eyes, a tear trickled down my eye…

How could I lose this love,

The only one I had ever had…

I had found love like light,

In this dark night…


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At one point, someone will come into your life, be a part of it, make it beautiful and enhance the way you live your life.

You will experience, deep satisfaction, completeness and joy with such a person…

They will teach you to be happy no matter whether they are next to you or miles away…

So keep smiling, and be happy…Life will go on anyway, you might as well laugh through it all…