An enigmatic epiphany…  

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Far away from the sea shore,

A sound so serene and so sweet,

Beckoned to the heart of the listener,

The heart of the ocean and the listener were just about to meet…

Ocean View Under Blue Sky

The listener swayed with the tide,

Waiting with bated breath to hear,

Anticipating the ocean’s pride,

Dissolving fragments of fear, the ocean spoke loud and clear…

Silhouette of Woman Near Sea Shore

‘I know not, the mystery of my depth’

One day I will dive into it to discover,

I am timeless and can’t be touched by death,

Hidden ecstasy and bliss I shall uncover…

Body of Water And Seashore During Sunset

Further ensued a lovely experience,

Which was of the heart of the listener listening,

As it listened in a mystic trance,

Tears flowing and the waves glistening…

Photo of Person Walking on Deserted Island

Every wave which arose,

Emotions, thoughts or feeling,

Merged back from where it rose,

Into a seamless ocean of healing….

White Sand Beach Under Cloudy Sky during Sunset

Every current deepened an unhealed wound,

Resisting the change, which the tide brought,

Sound of silence left the listener spell bound,

As the ocean guarded its depths, lost and distraught…

Landscape Photography of Snow Capped Mountains

The entire ocean within a drop hidden,

The wave knew not its entirety,

Revealing the secret so guarded and forbidden,

Whispering its tale into the silence of eternity…

beautiful, calm, clouds

Tears of happiness the ocean cried,

To have finally been uncovered in its true form,

Overcome by the ecstasy of liberation, serene and staid,

It was like a calm after the storm…

beach, bottle, cold

Dancing and singing, the ocean flowed,

No more guarding mysteries of its depth, no more searching,

Approaching a shore where a warm light glowed,

The warm feeling of coming home finally, to the eternal calling…

beach, blur, clouds


Musing 18

afterglow, avian, backlit

Kyun kabhi kabhi hum logon se milkar bhi unse jud nahi pate hai?

Kyun kabhi kabhi hum logon se door hote hue bh unke itne kareeb aa jate hai?

Bat na samay ki hai na doori ki baat hai, baat toh bas ek hone ki hai…

Man and Woman Holding Each Others Hand Wrapped With String Lights


A lone tear

A lovely emotional insight into the depth behind a tear…

Naina Nair's Musings


A lone tear drop sat on her cheek
Again it was me who made her cry
Her eyes glistened with tears unshed
How oft did I do this to her I feared

My possessiveness had become a bane
I felt my eyes pricking with tears of shame
Her angelic face now devoid of color
My heart broke as I saw her lips quiver

If love could bring so much sorrow
Tears of grief like a painful arrow
She sniffed and turned her face away
Was life truly just a drama, a play?

My love for her was unfathomable
Life without her would be miserable
Just like the pearl hidden in the ocean
I hid the depth of my love and emotion


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Musing 15

Some words some gestures some silences touch the heart,

Some profound experiences lack expression,

Some people love so deeply that it tears you apart,

It takes more than just moments, more than just assurance to be there for someone, it take passion…

White Dressed Girl Across Black Mountains

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Women – need to be there for each other…

Lady in Beach Silhouette during Daytime Photography

Once again she dissolved into the notions of society,

She wanted to be someone, so she stood in the shadows,

Lurking around, waiting for there to be the right time,

The right moment never came, so she remained in the dark gallows…

boy, brother, child

One day she decided, today was the last it was going to be,,

Not one more day a woman was going to be so judged,

Not at least by another one of her own kind,

She expected them to understand, to care and be kind…

adult, backlit, child

She stopped expecting, started accepting,

This moment, she had changed, she had grown

Out of her naive, gullible sensitive self,

To lend a hand to others who were like her old self…

dawn, dusk, forest

To be the support, and care for women,

They needed to be there for each other first,

Hugging, caring, sharing and smiling women,

Needed to be there for each other….

Silhouette of Four People Against Sun Background


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